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Not unlike repairs or alterations to your home, it is often difficult to determine the cost involved with altering or repairing a garment until it is observed. Not everything is as simple as it seems and some things are simpler than you might expect. Let me look at it before you toss it. There is not much I can't fix.

Some prices can be set, but not all. 

Basic machine hem  pants                                           $ 10.00

Hand-stitched or rolled hem pants                            $12.00      

Skirt or Dress Hem per layer                                $15- $20.00   

Take in/let out                                                            $10 - $25.00

Seam or tear repair                                                        $ 2- 5.00

Adjust jacket sleeves                                                   $10 - 20.00

Zipper replacement (cost of zipper not included)    $20.00 +           

Buttons or closure                                                        $ 0.25 each

New button holes                                                         $ 1.00 each


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